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Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?

Random thoughts on the LOST finale.

- Words cannot express how much I loved Jack and MIB/Flocke/Smokey just beating the snot out of each other. Six seasons of talk about a magical island, a mystical healing pool, ageless immortals, a guardian with supernatural powers and a near-omnipotent smoke monster, and it all came down to an epic fistfight. It was so simple, and yet not at all underwhelming.

- Hurley FTW. I had a feeling it was ultimately going to be him. I've always thought he was the Neville of the show: insecure and underestimated, not flashy, but always stepping up to the plate when it counts with his quiet, unassuming bravery. *huggles him*

- As much as I loved the "heaven" scene, I did miss seeing Michael and Walt there. I know Michael was supposed to be trapped on the island as punishment for what he did, but surely if Ben, after all he had done, could be forgiven and invited by Hurley to join them, then surely Michael could have been, too? And if not Michael, why not Walt?

- Same with Mr. Eko, though in that case, I think the actor was simply unavailable.

- I never thought of myself as a huge LOST shipper (I never got involved in shipping debates or read fanfic, etc), but my reaction last night showed me that I did care a lot more about how the romances would play out than I originally thought I did. And OMG Suliet made me happiest of all. Oh sure, I loved Jin/Sun, Desmond/Penny, and Bernard/Rose too, but there was never any question in my mind that those couples would all end up together in one life or the next. I was, however, really worried that the writers would ultimately go with Skate (bleargh), so Sawyer and Juliet's reunion made me squee almost as loudly as any H/G moment ever did. Oh, and I smiled at the Jate kiss, too, though I didn't care about it as much as I did Suliet. ;)

- One more thing about shipping: Sayid/Shannon. I was pleased by this, but also surprised as hell by it. The show had always led me to believe that even though Sayid had genuinely loved Shannon when they were together, Nadia was the true, enduring love of his life. The finale last night seemed to suggest otherwise, though. When Sayid talked about being reunited with "the woman I love," maybe he'd been referring to Shannon all along. Idk, I'm over-analyzing, lol. I was really just glad to see him so happy after such a crappy life.

- The ending was so utterly perfect. Not gonna lie, I cried like a baby when Vincent came to lay beside him, and then the final shot of Jack's eye closing. Just... *SOB* So beautiful.

I miss you already, LOST.


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May. 24th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
I actually understand Walt not being there a lot more than Michael. This particular group of people were meeting to move onto the next life together, because the island and these relationships where the biggest, most important connections of their lives. They are reuniting with the people with whom they loved and suffered together. Hell - most of them died there. Whereas Walt escaped the island as a child, and presumably went on to grow up and live an entirely different life, forming different relationships. So I assume the people he would be most connected to in his afterlife would be from his own adult experience.

Michael, however... Yeah, I thought he was supposed to be finding redemption at the end of season four. So if Ben can redeem himself - why can't Michael? Unless we are to assume it has something to do with time commitment. That Ben worked with Hurley for years, and therefore earned his more through servitude.

Sayid/Shannon - I can't decide how I feel about. In some ways I really like it, because I always felt a bit like the Nadia storyline was ignoring Shannon. Sayid was haunted by this woman from his past, but um, he sure seemed pretty happy with Shannon while she was around. Like the writers committed to Nadia because Shannon was no longer around. However, he really did marry and lose Nadia in real life. And I'm supposed to believe that the way his spirit deals with that in purgatory is to pair her instead with his brother, and try to take care of her though he himself will not be with her? All the other characters were reunited with the people they loved in real life. Where is the spirit of the real Nadia? How does she feel about all this?
May. 24th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
That's a good point about Walt, and possibly that's how they would reconcile Mr. Eko not being there as well. Not that he left the island as a child, obviously, but he wasn't on it for that long compared to the others, and he died before most of the momentous events occurred, so it probably wasn't the Most Important Thing That Ever Happened To Him (shooting the priest to spare his brother as a young boy might have been that for him).

And yeah, I'm right there with you in feeling torn about Sayid/Shannon. I'm not complaining, because I did always like them together and I was glad to see Sayid find some happiness. But at the same time, it's hard to reconcile that ending with all of his past experiences with Nadia. Still, it's hard to be too bothered by it when I remember that smile on his face at the end. *sniffle*
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